A gift honoring, humbling, happy

Thankful for little hands and big watering cans that honor the seeds I planted months ago by giving them the water they need. What a gift! It’s not everyday a 3 year old helps me with my chores from miles and miles away.IMG_0972

Thankful that the shedding of (many, many) tears leads way to conversations that need to happen, and that bring much needed light and truth into my struggles.  Humbling and hard, but worth it.

Thankful for determined and thirsty puppies. Makes my heart happy!IMG_0982


3 gifts framed

Thankful for memories from last year and an abundance of experiences and treasured moments to come.  A couple of random frame-worthy favorites:

new friends!
excited for new teammates!
almond milk lattes, charleston and sweet loosoo

A gift made, masked, marvelled

Thankful for homemade sunflower seed butter. That stuff is good. 

Thankful for masked Much Ado About Nothing characters and watching Shakespeare movies for homework.

Thankful for marvelous growth that I can see with my own eyes and scripture that makes it so real: 


IMG_0885 So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. 1 Corinthians 3:7




3 gifts given

Thankful for the good gifts given to each of us, every day, that are ours to capture and savor:

Spontaneous Washington DC reunions in Georgia, complete with a mini Washington monument.
Texts with happy pictures of “small bites” that make me smile time after time after time. Love these people.
Grace, to myself. On monday, I said: no more coffee. The caffeine makes me too irritable/headachey/wired. Monday at 10:30 am, I caved. But thats OK–I’m only human, and Happy HG needs to be happy and give herself some grace daily.

3 gifts growing

Thankful for my growing obsession with candles.  I’ve been lighting them left and right, and am loving the ambience + the compliments on how good our place smells all the time. 

Thankful for the person I am growing into, and that I am not the same as I was one, two or three years ago (and that is a good thing!) Love this quote from Donald Miller:

“God designed you to grow from a baby to a child to a teenager to an adult and even after you’re an adult you’re designed to continue learning about God, about love, about each other and about yourself.”

Thankful for the Clemson library, illustrations, and a love for books that I hope to never grow out of. IMG_0926

3 gifts autumn

IMG_1596Thankful for Friday night high school football games that feel like fall…and make me feel like Tami Taylor cheering on the Dillon Panthers/East Dillon Lions.

Thankful for that warm, familiar, autumnal feeling I get whenever I walk into Starbucks. What is it about that place? I suppose it just reminds me of my treasured early morning routine from last fall: oatmeal and coffee and quiet in Starbucks. Miss those days.

Thankful for September birthdays that are starting up in full swing this week.  Love that birthdays are an excuse to make mountains of crunchy granola goodness.

A gift cool, warm, sun-soaked

Thankful for the cool 72 degree morning today, and the hope for more days like this to come!

Thankful for warm beds and mountains of pillows that make me feel like home.

Thankful for sun-soaked lighting that makes the best pictures, especially when they are of warm hugs with best friends at cool new barbecue places near the train tracks.photo