Gift number one:

Today I am thankful for what came in the mail on Tuesday, and how it made me happy.


But lets start with a little backstory: For all of   last week and earlier this week, I had been waiting on a textbook to come in the mail, but the post office drearily informed me that they were sifting through 8,000 packages. Looks like I wasn’t the only one who wanted to save a buck on overpriced textbooks… And of course, as a very diligent (re: uptight) student, I was not so happy about being a week behind in reading and online homework.

The familiar email *ding* on my iPhone indicated on Monday night that I had indeed received a package, which sent me awkwardly speed walking across campus at 8 AM on Tuesday… (what can I say? I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on my fresh copy of my Exploraciones book!)

Much to my surprise, I was not able to catch up on my homework and reading that morning, because I instead left the post office clutching a care package from my precious mother.

Trader Joe’s is my favorite for a reason, and my mom, (Barbie, as she is affectionately called by my dad), had sent some mango licorice and almond biscotti to be shared with the girls of Lever 3, as she knows very well that I spend quite a a bit of time crashing their futons with the hopes to catch a couple minutes of the Bachelor or Modern Family.

All of my rambling is to say that I didn’t want those stupid textbooks anyways. This semester, I am committed to giving myself grace and being happy, which means naps, friends, and a whole lot of grace-filled gratitude.


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