Gift number eight:

Puppy breath. Tiny tiny puppy tongue licking my face and my nose and permeating its salty scent into my nostrils.   I love puppies.  They are a gift and, honestly, who doesn’t love a 7 week old floppy, bendy, fluffy, bony bundle of pure love.  When one of the Quest leaders brought sweet Ella, a sweet sweet golden-something

Terrible picture, beautiful baby Ella.
Terrible picture, beautiful baby Ella.

(?) mix, I thought every girl in the room was going to melt into a puppy-puddle on the floor.  Lord knows my heart turned into a stick of butter, softened to the perfection necessary to cream with sugar and be crafted into a chocolatey chipped circle of goodness.

I’m clearly getting a little wordy and going off into la-la land. That is just what puppies do to you.  And my reaction to this puppy-love appeared stoic compared to some of the boys in the room. Oh my good puppy-giving Lord! Never have I ever seen boys swoon more. Note to self: get a puppy. Valentine’s Day is soon, after all.


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