They are giving me blisters, but I love them.

Gift number twelve:

Wednesday, February 13th. Honestly, I had a pretty typical day yesterday but my heart was so full and I felt so HAPPY and for that I am thankful  I am thankful that I can look at an average Wednesday and say THANK YOU LORD for the gifts of laughter and naps and puppies (oh yes, the puppy made and appearance last night at Quest).

Since my schedule is pretty much mapped out every day, I thought I’d let you in to a “day in the life” of Hannah Grace.  By the way, my friend Mary Sarah introduced me to someone as Hannah Grace the other day and I was just so so so excited about it.  And my English teacher calls me Hannah Grace and I love that too.

So bear with me, if you are interested in what it takes to make Hannah Grace happy on a Wednesday in February.

7:30 am: Wake up, read My Utmost for His Highest (Oswald, I adore you) and put on yoga pants and a tshirt, a pullover fleece and very little makeup. It was one of those mornings.

8 am : Study for Spanish test…

8:30 am: Eat some oatmeal with some friends, walk to class.

9 am: Take Spanish test. Not to bad. Glad that is over with.

10 am: Stats class. Woops, I did that whole assignment wrong. Oh well. Trying not to be a perfectionist and oh wait, my grades don’t define me.

11 am: Study in the library.

12:30 pm: Lunch with Anna, Alison and Emily. Hilarious conversation about Thai children and Ugandan children. Memory lane is a funny thing.  Some casual African dancing in the dining hall, laughing until my abs hurt, good stuff.

1-2ish: Finish lunch and walk to post office because I got TWO packages! Whaddup– new shoes and jacket that make me feel way too hipster for my own good. Chat with Anna, good life talk and catch up. She rocks.

2 pm: Finish Pitch Perfect, talk on phone, read…. Starting to get a little sleepy… oh dear… nap time is setting in

2:30-3:45. Woops. slept and missed a phone date. Dang it. Sometimes you close your eyes and an hour passes right by.

4 pm: phone calls, catch up with friends, talk about life and how we can help eachother out through our problems. Read some more Last American Man. Great book.

5 pm: YOGA. My favorite time. I just love it. I can do the splits now!

6 pm: Walk back to good ole’ Lever, shower, get stuff organized.

7 pm: Dinner at Schillet. Chickpeas + balsamic + dried cherries + spinach. Never gets old.

8 pm: “Sex and The City Uncovered” speaker — adorable woman, great message. Sad we had to leave early.

9 pm: QUEST!!! Love the people, love Young Life, love that I get to soak up some wisdom every week. Finally met a close mutual friend, saw the puppy again, smiles smiles smiles.

11 pm: More Last American Man, sleepy times. Thank you Lord. Happy Happy Happy.


PS. Hope you noticed that I studied for a grand total of 1 HOUR today. Not ashamed.


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