the joy dare

Sorry to leave everyone hanging for so long… I realize it has been months since I last put something up on here!  But I suppose that I wanted to take the summer as a time to rest and reflect on my life, and now that I am back at Clemmy, I am thrilled to begin sharing what the Lord has been doing in my life.

Truly the only thing I want to express is how much God has restored a spirit of joy in my life. Without a doubt, I receive more encouragement from friends in regards to the joy they  have seen in me lately than anything else.  But that joy is nothing of my own doing, trust me!

Oftentimes, feeling the love of God and the freedom that comes through His unconditional acceptance and reminder of my worth is what brings me this joy.  But mostly, my joy comes from gratitude.

So for this next semester and perhaps even for the next year ( if I can stay disciplined! ), I want to participate in Ann Voskamp’s “joy dare”.  Ann Voskamp is the author of the popular (especially among Christian moms!) book, One Thousand Gifts.

Voskamp writes:

“Joy is the realest reality, the fullest life, and joy is always given, never grasped.

God gives gifts and I give thanks and I unwrap the gift given: joy.”

I love that.  I am lavished upon with gifts by God, and I want to write a thank you note, a love letter, a poem, a sonnet, a story of my life and my grateful heart to Him.

So I am joining in on the Joy dare, which Voskamp has outlined on her website.  Let’s get started 🙂

September 9:

3 gifts framed

1.  Chalkboard

photo 1

Fitting quote, no?  This framed chalkboard in my room contains a CS Lewis quote that I adore. Lewis is a favorite writer of mine, especially because he so clearly and simply speaks the truth.  I believe that I need to be training my heart towards gratitude, in each in every thing.  In the easy things, in the hard things. It is serious business, people!




2.  Family Photo

Like my pill organizer?
Like my pill organizer?

Although I felt slightly lost and alone without them here during parents weekend, I am grateful for the constant presence of my family in a frame on my desk.

George, tall, gregarious, golf, cheetos, “hanner”, Memphis, wise.

Carol, welcoming, thoughtful, lovely, hostess, dimples, Montana

Zach:  crunchy, thinker, writer, mountain man, fly fishing, kind





3.  Frame of mind

Sorry this isn’t a literal frame, and that there is no  picture to accompany this gift.

I am thankful for the frame of mind that I am in this semester.  I have dubbed Fall 2013 my “yes-mester”, meaning that I am making an effort to say yes to opportunities that I normally would just pass up.

For example, I said yes to joining the group of girls that are washing sheets for freshman, and I just went to a meeting for it, and I could not be more thrilled.  I am loving the “yes-mester” and the joy my heart gets from seeing a room full of girls on a Monday night, pumped to wash sheets.


2 thoughts on “the joy dare

  1. Hannah your joy is an inspiration to me. Your thought and care toward all of God’s children is instructive. Blessings, Jennifer

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