3 gifts moving

Today I woke up and  already knew what my “3 gifts moving” would be. My car, my legs, and bicycles, especially adorable old bikes with baskets and bells. Check, check, and check. Thankfulness is just too easy. For day two of my gratitude project, I was getting a bit cocky. 

But let me tell you, it was very hard for me to be all sunshine and daisies and happy and thankful today. It was just a crappy day, you know?  Mostly because one of my “moving gifts” (my car) didn’t make me very thankful. It made me mad. My parking decal got stolen from the windshield of my car, which, when paired with an hour long trip to Anderson to get poked with a needle, led to my general cranky mood.  And on top of all of that, I am fatigued and feeling sick.

So I was cranky today. I complained a lot. I wasn’t particularly positive or up-lifting.  I just wanted to feel bad for myself and for other people to feel bad for me.  (I mean really, who steals a parking decal?!!? UGH).

 And you know what, complaining didn’t make me feel any better.

But gratitude will lead to joy, and I am still thankful for 3 moving things today.


1. My car. It is covered in sap and bird poop and currently lacks a permit sticker (SERIOUSLY?!? WHY PEOPLE?!). But I am so grateful for the freedom it gives me to run errands, go for a drive, get lost (too often) and feel like a normal person. It has made a huge difference this semester already.  I legit love being able to drive to the grocery store. 

2. My legs. Although they aren’t thin and dainty and cute, they get me all over campus, they help me run mile after mile, and they are healthy and strong. I can walk, so I am thankful.

3.  Bicycles.  Nothing really got me bummed out about bikes, except possible the guy that almost demolished me with his engine-powered bicycle. But I still love bikes. Because if golden-doodles can ride bikes, there must be some good left in the world.


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