3 Hard Eucharisteo


Eucharisteo = to be thankful, feel thankful, give thanks.

Today’s challenge: pinpoint a time when it is hard to be thankful. A time when it is hard to feel thankful.  A time when it is hard to give thanks.

1. Being thankful: I am trying to live in a state of enough.  But that is hard! The world tells me that I am not good enough, thin enough, outgoing enough, etc.  But I am thankful, because what I have is enough.  And I don’t need more. I received hug upon hug and laughed until my cheeks hurt today. That will always be enough.


2. Feeling thankful: Let me just tell you, I wasn’t feeling so thankful at 7 am when I was practically dragging my limp body across the Clemson dikes on my run. I know that literally sounds so annoying. Yes, I normally love to run, but that does not mean that I always feel like I am running on clouds.  It can be hard to be thankful when you are tired and your legs feel like they have bricks attached to them. (Clearly I had a bad run this morning). But the cool thing is that there are actually always little moments to be thankful for. Case in point: the beauty of the early morning sunrise. Bliss!

3. Giving thanks: This may seem random, but I am thankful for the awkward moments when I give thanks for my food whenever I am out eating with people.  It isn’t necessarily  “hard” to do, but it can seem uncomfortable to link hands and pray together. But I am so thankful that those moments unite whoever I am with and help us focus on our blessings rather than our complaints.


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