3 Gifts in the Word

1. Abraham and Isaac

How cool is it that I get to read Bible stories in my World Lit class? I am thankful that the Word of God is being spoken out loud in classrooms here.  And even more than that, I am thankful that it touches hearts– I know that reading about Abraham and Isaac in class the other day certainly touched mine.  I thought I was going to cry because of how powerful the story was. 

2. John 10:10

John 10:10 is my life verse.  I wasn’t created just to be a limp, lifeless body with a dry and dark spirit.  Jesus came for us to have life, and abundant, full, radiant, heart-pounding, belly laugh life. 


3. Proverbs 3:5-6

When I am stressed and feel like I am making all of the wrong steps, I remember this verse. The Lord is in control. Always. No matter what. 



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