A gift scented, scrawled, started

You know it’s a good day when I am already feeling super grateful at 10:32 AM! I’ll be in the mountains for the next two days, but the gratitude won’t stop–check back with me on Sunday because I am sure I will have a ton to be thankful for!


1. Scented: Walking in to World Lit and immediately being bombarded by a waft of Betsy’s brown sugar oatmeal, which she is nomming on in our class. Smells like home. So thankful for that. Love that about her. 


2. Scrawled: Thankful that World Lit Walt is passionate and quirky and loves to write on the chalkboard and scrawls the most illegible comments on it. So thankful that I love that class and get to start off my MWF mornings with Betsy and Raven.


3. Started: The weekend is here! I am off to Carolina Point, Young Life’s newest property. And a challenge to start off the weekend: be a normal person at camp. Find my  identity in Jesus and the love he has for me. Eat like a normal person, play like a normal person, stay up late like a normal person, have so much fun like a normal person. 


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