3 gifts ugly-beautiful

This one is hard! Things that are ugly-beautiful are that way for a reason: they are scarred, painful, awkward, uncomfortable.  They can be dirty, messy, strained. They can just be too real.

1. I am thankful for my body, because it is flawed and it is lovely at the same time.  It sometimes causes me mental anguish, but it is what I am living in for the rest of my life, and I will treat it with the respect and the love that it deserves. God took great pains to design my body.  God loves that my eyes squint up when I smile. He loves that I have a slightly obnoxious laugh.  He loves that my legs are like tree trunks. He wouldn’t have made me any other way.


2. I am thankful that my attempts at art and Pinterest crafts are not anything like the pictures.  They are unique because I don’t really know how to make them the right way. They are beautiful because they aren’t perfect.


3. I am thankful that my heart is not always in the right place, but I am loved just the same. It can be an ugly mess, full of selfishness and sin. But it was made by a loving Father, so it is beautiful just the same.


One thought on “3 gifts ugly-beautiful

  1. hannah I so needed to hear this today. to be reminded of beauty in the pain, in the imperfection, in things that the world tells us are flawed in us. thank you for this today. — abbey

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