3 gifts in conversation

A gift is something I don’t deserve, but I am blessed to receive anyway.  Sometimes it can come out of nowhere and bless you beyond belief! Case in point, todays gifts in conversation:

1. When a sorority sister told me that I made her day by giving her a big smile and saying hello when I passed her near the library. It made my day when she told me that!


2. My texting conversation with my mom, and how we use Betsy’s token phrase “Love that about you”. It has been embraced in my family.

3. The most sweet, most unexpected, most surprising gift today. Words truly are amazing in the way that the Lord can use them through just about anyone to speak to your heart. Today I met a friend of a friend who immediately said to me “You are so pretty!” in the most sincere, sweet way. I was taken aback and so blessed by that, mainly because I have just been feeling really insecure lately and it was completely out of the blue. God is good and he uses us all to bless eachother through our words!


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