3 gifts in information

I am thankful that…photo

1. I know how to bake a delicious pie from scratch. I am thankful that this information is engraved into my brain.  How to measure flour properly. How to roll pie crust.  How to sprinkle sugar on top so that it caramelizes into a slightly burnt, crunchy goodness.  Strawberry Basil hand pies mmmm mmm mmm mmmm mmmm.


2.  Reading is something I get to do for my major, for fun, and for learning more about life. I love reading. I love that I can check out books from Clemson’s library for free.  Right now I am in the midst of Gone Girl… it is getting good already.


3. Carolina Point taught a handful of people how to “wrangle” on the zip course this weekend. I am so thankful that I have the confidence and knowledge to be able to help kids have the best weekend of their life, and be safe doing so.


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