3 gifts flourishing

When I think of flourishing, I think of flowers and relationships.  I remember writing in my diary when I was maybe 10 years old about how friendships are like flowers, because when you put time into them (water them) they grow and flourish.

So I am going to write about my three favorite people in the world today, and how thankful I am that our relationships are flourishing. PS Get ready for a HUGE photo dump. This pictures are some of my favorites because they epitomize my family.

1. George, my dad.

Dad does child’s pose, naturally.

I am so humbled by the way God has redeemed my relationship with my dad. There was definitely a time when we didn’t quite get along… But then we started having father-daughter breakfast dates, and then we started talking more, and then we started realizing that we had literally so much to talk about because obviously we are related.  My dad is the wisest, funniest, most hard-working, most outgoing, most capable, quirkiest, best man I know.   He left me two voicemails this week telling me that he thinks I am pretty 🙂

Hominy Grill breakfast dates are the best

Also notable: my dad is so eccentric. Anyone who lives with my family learns his quirks quickly: check that the lights are off, the toilet isn’t running, etc. He also has his staples (ie: the foods that he can’t live without. “CAROL… where are my staples?” is a common expression. The staples include but are not limited to:  cheetos, pickles, hot sauce, mustard, tonic water, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream ( cherry garcia is preferable), diet coke, salsa, etc.  I love it. A home is not truly a home without cheetos and hot sauce, am I right?



2. Carol, my mom.

Adventures carol loves to rock climb!

Where do I even begin when I talk about my mom? She is basically my twin and we are practically inseparable during the summer.  Family friends tell me a daily basis telling me how much I remind them of her.  We love spending time together, whether we are cooking, walking, watching Gilmore Girls, drinking coffee on the front porch, running errands, reading side by side on the beach, bike riding, etc!


Our daily questions to each other this summer: What do you want to do today? What do you need help with today? What project should we tackle today? Pool time later? Coffee then walk then pool? Or pool, coffee, walk? She would show up to my workplace to surprise me and order coffee with a friend, or should would bring me a meal when I was babysitting and didn’t feel like eating Teddy Grahams  and string cheese for dinner.  She cares so much, she hosts so much, she cooks so much.  She just loves so much!

3. Zach, my brother.

Doing yoga on the back porch. He is crunchy

My dad refers to him as “Ole Zach” and I find that truly endearing.  Ole Zach is a crazy mixture of my parents: quirky and funny like Dad, deep-thinking and photography loving like Mom, and outdoorsy like them both.  He has a true adventurous spirit and inspires me so much to go do things, outdoors, in nature, in the wild, etc.  I am an English major like Zach, and we bond over our love of books and writing.  I know I have said this before, but I truly was tickled when I found out the other day that we have been reading the same book (Gone Girl).  I think we are more alike than we think.

Modeling the studly fish belt my mom needle-pointed for him.

I am so proud of Zach because he moved to Colorado and started a true adventure after graduating from college.  If I could describe him in one word, it would be passionate. He grips a dream and goes for it.  And it has paid off, as he has been able to spend the summer fly fishing, exploring, and playing softball games at dusk in the mountains of southern Colorado.  We may be far geographically, but I think we are kindred and close because of the way we were raised and the interest we have in embracing our eccentric passions in this world.  I am thinking about starting a homemade granola business, and I know that Zach would be my number one fan in that.  He would probably eventually be my business partner.


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