3 gifts funny

1012494_10151594584841417_1049043562_n1. Equestrian of the day on our Young Life rides to TL Hanna. This is not going to seem funny to anyone besides my teammates, but it never fails to tickle me that we have an “equestrian of the day” who has to give someone a piggy back ride into the school and gets to choose who prays before we eat and before we go into the school.

2. I am thankful for any time that I am laughing so much that my stomach cramps, or my cheeks hurt, or I can’t even make noise because I am stuck in that no-breath, eyes closed laugh. Honestly, I laugh more in my car rides to Hanna than I do most other times.  I could not be more thankful for my Young Life team and the abundant joy and laughter that they give me!

3. http://kerryinaustralia.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/one-day-more-kerrys-pre-departure-vlog-4/

Please just watch this. It is literally so funny. Kerry Greco, I salute you!


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