A gift unexpected, uneven, unpopular

Today I am very thankful, because I have been so blessed by a weekend of friends visiting.  Holly Beth and Georgie came from Charleston and Australia, respectively!  Heaps of sleep and a bit coffee have carried us through a fun Clemson weekend. 🙂

1. Unexpected:  Green spots on green spots on green spots! If that means nothing to you, then you probably don’t go to Clemson or have never dealt with the horrendous parking situation here.  I have been so thankful for the green spaces that have been open every single time I enter the horseshoe, because it is just one of those unexpected little things that makes the world so much better.

Anna, Georgie, Holly Beth, me and Cory

2. Uneven: An odd number of people is uneven, hey? (that is Australian lingo…. they say “hey” in basically any context! All five of us had a great time at the Clemson game, and it was really great to have Georgie experience Death Valley in all of its glory!  Go tigers!

3. Unpopular: Hmmm… this is a tough one. But I would have to say that my unpopular gift today was my dirty skinny hippie (aka a skim chai latte with a shot of espresso).  Probably sounds like a strange combination, but I love it.  I can be a bit crunchy sometimes.


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