3 gifts shelved

Today I am thankful for the elephant collection that came from the shelf in my room at home.

They traveled with me to Clemson, and made the long voyage from watering hole to watering hole to watering hole down the highway.  Then we finally reached their new habitat and we settled into adapting to a new environment.  Ok I’ll stop with the dumb elephant journey. Here are a few of my elephants and here is why I am thankful for them: (Don’t worry, they don’t have names. I didn’t go that far)


1. Far right: elephant from travels to India. reminds me of the coolest thing you can do with your family at age 12: take a trip around the world!  Picked that guy out at a massive shop in the heart of New Dehli.

2. Second from the right: this little guy takes me all the way back to Kindergarten, when I played the Kolo-Kolo bird in our class interpretation of “The Elephant’s Child” by Rudyard Kipling. (Kipling is a cool name, by the way. Adding that to the list!) I love this elephant because it reminds me of my incredible childhood, being nurtured and taught at an amazing school.

3. The other two elephants are great too, but I want to focus on the quote on the canvas. Not all who wander are lost. JRR Tolkien–this man is a genius. It is just a good reminder to me that I don’t have to have it all figured out. I don’t have to have a perfect plan for everyday. No matter how often I try to plan out every minute of every day, no matter how full and color coordinated my google calendar is, no matter how many things I can check off of my to-do list, I still have value and worth at the end of the day because I have a God whose love and mercy and grace never fails.  And he wants me to enjoy the adventure of my life, smell the roses, hike a mountain, read a book, waste a day spending time with loved ones, and wander a bit.


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