3 gifts falling

Fall is my absolute favorite, best, most life-filled, happiest, so good so fun season.  Thus, I do fall big. To me, “falling” is a verb.  So, here are my three gifts falling… I am falling so hard this October.

1. Coffee. Falling is alllllll about the java. More importantly, falling is all about Starbucks in the morning before class.

2. Sweaters. Sweaters are crucial when falling. Unfortunately, it hasn’t exactly been sweater weather, but I am hoping for some chilly days soon.

3. Granola-making.  I am so thankful for granola, because it is the heavenly gift sent from above.  I got to make a big batch last weekend and give it to friends as belated birthday presents. Any ideas for a clever granola business name? So far, I can only come up with HannahGran. Need help. Please comment with suggestions. Winning idea gets a free jar of granola!


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