A gift caught, let go, midway.

A gift caught: Yesterday, I caught a cold at my Young Life teammate’s house… yikes.  Why is that a gift? Because the hours I spend over there bring me so much life a joy and fill me up with so much happiness that I would be fine with catching the black lung as long is it meant that I could spend time with these precious friends.

A gift let go: Slowly but surely, I am letting go of expectations that I have for other people.  As in, expectations that other people will fill my every need and make me feel amazing all of the time.  How in the world are they supposed to do that? I am confident that I do not fill my friends’ every needs, so it is outrageous to expect that they could fill mine. It is freeing to let go of expectations and just go with the flow in my friendships.

A gift midway: Honestly, I am trying to let go of a big desire of my heart: to be married and have kids.At a young age.

That one is gonna take a while to fully release.  And this is not to say that I don’t want to be a rockin wife and mom. Trust me, I do. I really do. But I want to let it go because I want my needs to be completely met by Jesus.

 I don’t want to look at marriage as a point in which my life will officially start. As in: someone picked me, they put a ring on it, now I am ready to conquer the world, take anything on, be happy, etc. Also now I will become an Ironwoman and hand sew some stellar clothes and be an award winning author and save Africa. 

My desire is for Jesus to be my desire.


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