3 gifts reaped

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When I thinking of reaping, I first think of sowing. Sowing is the hard part. Sowing is work. Sowing is digging, gardening, planting, sweating in the sun. Sowing is waking up early and staying up late. Sowing is long hours in the library or in the car. Sowing is being REALLY uncomfortable in the lunch room at a high school. Sowing is studying for hours and hours and feeling like the library is going to swallow you up and being afraid you are going to be one of the people who gets locked in and has to call that number at 4 in the morning. (I’m not really one of those people. I have never pulled an all-nighter… but I assume that those people feel like they are sowing, big time.)

But here’s the thing: I don’t things I would enjoy the reaping if the sowing wasn’t difficult or uncomfortable.

I am thankful for:

1.  Spectacular sunrises at Pretty Place.  A reminder of how small I am, how big God is, and how much I love coffee, mountains mornings, cold air, friends, and blankets. The sowing: waking up at 5 am. The reaping: sitting in God’s majesty.


2. Friday night football games at TL Hanna.  A reminder that showing up is half the battle.  The sowing: Going back to a high school and  trying to make new friends.  The reaping: friends that want to sit and chat. And feeling like I am Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights!

3.  The 25 minute car ride to TL Hanna.  The sowing: The gas, the car-sickness, the hour it takes total. The reaping: Planting seeds of friendship that yield real conversation, real accountability, and real laughter among our Young Life team.


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