3 gifts redeemed

Honestly, what hasn’t been redeemed in the past year of my life? God has done wonders in my heart, and I believe He has been redeeming things left and right.

Redeem means to buy back.  I am thankful that God has bought back:

1. My mind. I used to think I had control over myself. But now He has taken control of my thoughts, and of my heart.  What a relief it is to not be living in the narrow and extremely selfish mindset of “eat, sleep, exercise”.  There is somuch more out there for me, and I am so thankful that I have been able to experience the joy that comes from freedom from my own control.

2. My joy.  Joy is the serious of business of heaven, remember? He is training us here on Earth for what we will be living in for eternity! My favorite ways to be joyful: dance, sing out loud to Dixie Chicks or Shania Twain in my car, keep flowers in my room.

3. My eyes.  Jesus fills those empty eyes. I am serious! Have you ever noticed the difference between eyes that are filled with death and eyes that are filled with life?

Here is a little personal side by side comparison:

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 5.41.08 PM  735066_4508932403968_1819341987_n

What is striking to me is how empty I felt in the picture on the right. As in, I can physically feel my sadness just by looking at the picture.  And it was at an event for celebrating Christmas with kids in need in the local area. And I was clearly miserable.

I know that this is a weird way to show that I am thankful, but I just want to give people hope, and remind them that there is a God out there that wants to help you if you are sad, if you are lonely, if you are overwhelmed or unfulfilled.


3 thoughts on “3 gifts redeemed

  1. So beautifully said, Hannah. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have enjoyed ready them Sooo much. Hope you are having a good year!
    Jane Simmons

  2. This is so beautiful, Hannah. Thank you for sharing this truth. I am SOOOO OVERJOYED for you. He is SO good and faithful to overcome our bondage and sadness….with His FREEDOM and JOY. Praise God for how this can be lived out in our lives daily- and He is always there to remind us when we forget.
    With love,
    Katie O’Neill

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