A gift baked, stirred, eaten

Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm. You know it’s a good day to be thankful when you get to talk about delicious dishes!

photo copy

Thankful for:


1. Granola. I baked a batch of granola as a gift for my girl Julia’s birthday. We’re still going with Hannah Gran for now, but I am still open to more suggestions for granola business names.  Shout out to Raven for coming up with some awesome ones, including Grahannola and Granola gone Mad(ison).

2. Oatmeal. Every. Single. Morning. With banana and a little peanut butter stirred in. Ultimate comfort food.

3. Strawberry Basil Hand Pies. These are the most delicious thing I can remember eating recently. And I ate them in May. Seriously, they are that good, people! But even more importantly, they are a food memory.  Made with best friends in Virginia Beach, from strawberries picked fresh from the farm by a two year old.


Just in case you are dying to try these, because they are in fact the BG (buttery goodness):



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