3 gifts praised for

Yesterday, the grip of anxiety was really hard to fight.  I felt myself succumbing to it throughout the day, listening to the voices that made me feel insecure and alone instead of loved and cared for.

But in those moments, I was reminded that even if I wasn’t home with my family for fall break, or even spending time with my friends around here, I would never ever be alone.  

I once read that the difference between loneliness and solitude is God.

Thus, I can choose God to be my friend every single day, and he will not desert me for something or someone better.

I praise God for:

1. Good listeners. A Young Life team (who is more like a family) that lets me dominate the conversation because I need to talk out what I am feeling, and want someone to listen. Friends in my sorority that don’t think I’m stupid when i talk about what I am struggling with, and who share their struggles with me. A friend who I can cry in front of and not feel stupid.

2. Tears! Praise God for tears. There is really nothing better than a good cry, in the opinion. Always, always , always feels good to let it out. I love that as humans, we can cry. How cool is it that we can physically show our emotion for everyone to see? Ok, it’s not so cool when we don’t want to be seen crying. But it is really cool that we are able to cry.

3, Legs and arms that can run, jump, throw and catch.  Praise God for the ability to go running, play lacrosse with Townsend, demonstrate pilates moves for my midterm, and walk all the way across campus to starbucks in the morning. An active, healthy body is such a great reason to be thankful! 



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