3 gifts of change


A couple of specific instances that I am so grateful for:

He changes loud yelling noises in your head into peace.  Do you ever feel like there is someone yelling inside of your head? I do, often.  They are telling me to do things, that I am not good enough, not fast enough and accomplishing tasks, that I am going to forget to do something really important.  Sometimes I feel like the voice inside my head is just YELLING at me, saying “YOU NEED TO… do XYZ!” I was commiserating about this with a friend, and then we were both reminded that those voices are most certainly not from God.  He gives a spirit of peace.  He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me besides still waters, He restores my soul. 


He changes tears into laughter. 

I stayed in Clemson for the football game on Saturday during Fall Break.  Let me just repeat that so it sinks in.

I, Hannah Madison, stayed in CLEMSON for a FOOTBALL GAME on Saturday during FALL BREAK. Who is this girl who likes football games? Where is the girl who would much rather doing anything but go to a football game? That’s change enough in itself. And on top of that, I stayed for the entire game! No going home during third quarter for this girl. It was an exciting one.

So where do the tears come in? They always come on game day, trust me.  When I got back to my dorm room, I called home and cried. I cried to my mom because I missed her, and she prayed that God would comfort me.  And He did. He  provided a family for me to stay with, and those tears went straight to laughter as I hung out on Glenn’s couch with her family, watching the Ole Miss game and joking with her parents and brother.

He changes our hearts about people. 

You know when you have a bitter feeling towards someone, and you aren’t sure why, but it is just so dang hard to be around them? I am so guilty of that, but I am so thankful for the way God has softened my heart towards people that can grind my gears.  I am also thankful that I no longer see people as “mine”. It is so much more fun to share friends.


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