3 gifts read


These three books written by Shauna Niequist have had an incredible impact on the way I view life, friendships, writing, food, community, and God. Please read these books. Please soak in Shauna’s authentic voice, and do it with a cup of coffee in hand, while you are snuggled up on a couch or a dorm room bed.  She would be proud.

1. Bittersweet: The quote to the left just about sums it up!

2. Cold Tangerines: ” I want my everyday to make God belly laugh, glad that He gave life to someone who enjoys it”.

3. Bread and Wine:  By far my most treasured of the three, this book taught me to be beyond thankful for the way in which people come together at the table.  It taught me to cultivate and treasure food memories.

I am thankful that my family ate dinner together so often as I was growing up.

I am thankful for the pies I baked with my aunts and grandmother when they came to visit.

I am thankful that I learned to cook in Uganda, where I mastered the making of chapati and beans and rice.

I am thankful that I have spent too much money going out to eat for my friend’s birthdays this semester, because those memories are worth the $10 salad.


I am thankful that I spent two weeks talking about this book and making food memories in VA beach this summer, eating “peanut jellies” and having homemade sushi parties.

Especially thankful for the afternoon when Helen and I baked together… Baking with a two year old is the best.


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