A gift small, smaller, smallest

I am thankful for:

A mini horse and equestrian are the definition of Tiny and Awesome, (Courtesy of Julia’s Tiny and Awesome Pinterest board)

Small: A text, on a small cracked iPhone screen, from my mom on Saturday, that read: “Today let us let go of our expectations and replace them with curiosity”. Great reminder for an expectant, controlling planner like me.

Smaller: The words “Appreciate it” when holding the door open for someone.  I don’t really know why, but I really like that someone said that instead of saying “thank you”. Maybe it just seemed more friendly? Or less standard.  Regardless, I always notice those little things: “Appreciate it” and “My pleasure” are the Froot Loops in the Cheerios of  life — the norms of “Thank you” and “You’re welcome”

Smallest: Things that are Tiny and Awesome are always worth being thankful for.

But I am mostly thankful that I got to spend the weekend with the originator of Tiny and Awesome, Julia 🙂 Love that I can reconnect with my high school friends without missing a beat.

Also, shout out to Kerry, who is half-way around the world, but still found time to Skype with us. Now would be an excellent time to watch her video, featured in my “3 gifts funny” post. It really is quality entertainment.



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