3 gifts unexpected

Thankful for:

An unexpected free day today.  I strive to be a person of my word and stay true to my commitments, but sometimes the best solution for an exhausted girl like me is to say “no” to something.  Thankful that I am currently spending the afternoon reading and writing and Skypeing with my family who I miss tremendously, and that my only plans to leave my cozy bed are to go to Publix (the best grocery store besides Trader Joes!) and to chapter tonight.  And to fall asleep at approximately 10:15 tonight.

Unexpected news is my favorite: friends getting engaged, my brother leaving for Wyoming tomorrow to live in a place he has never been, my parents coming for a visit in November, etc!  I love to be surprised by these sweet gifts.  Truly a wonderful reminder that we are blessed beyond anything we could ask or imagine!

Unexpected reminders to have eyes and a spirit that are kind and non-judgmental.  Sadly, I think my faith can come across the wrong way sometimes. But I was unexpectedly reminded this morning to hug more, say sweeter words, and not have a judgmental look towards others. You know, when you give someone a look that hurts more than words even could.

Love this verse as  a reminder that our words are so powerful:

Proverbs 16:24

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.


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