A gift shared, saved, surrendered


To be able to share that right now, I am feeling really homesick and sad. Because it is Sunday, and I always feel homesick and sad on Sundays. But I am thankful that by sharing that, I am opening up some space in my heart for God to comfort and love on me.

To have some great friends who saved me from freezing at the football game last night! Glenn, thank you for your sweater, fleece, scarf, jacket and two pairs of socks!  Also thankful for friends who felt like leaving the game right when I felt like leaving. Still love the Tigers, but last night, it was just time to leave early.  Wouldn’t have lasted so long without all of my layers of clothing!

That surrendering my love of coffee will hopefully bring restoration to my body and sleep cycle. I have been feeling exhausted and out of whack lately, and sadly, caffeine is a likely culprit. Cheers to herbal tea as a study buddy 🙂


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