3 gifts unconventional

Thankful for:

Early bedtimes and lots of sleep.  Even at age 20, I love to go to bed early. It feels so so good.

A reminder from my mom to take the word “should”out of my vocabulary… as in: stop saying “I SHOULD do that”. Practice freedom from what you think the world is telling you that you SHOULD do. Stop “should-ing” all over yourself.

Afternoons spent reading a blog by Emily Freeman:


Please read this. I can’t do it justice on here, but it is an amazing explanation of how we demean ourselves.

A real live example:

I could say: Yesterday I was “just” washing sheets for some girls who live in the freshman dorm.

Yesterday, I washed sheet for some girls who live in the freshman dorm, and it was an amazing encounter with seeing how God is working in the community of believers at Clemson, was a way in which love was working kindly, and made me feel like I was living out a big piece of my heart: caring for people and being their “mom”.


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