3 gifts accomplished


For over a month accomplished of writing this blog!  I truly appreciate all of the encouragement, and am so thankful for an outlet for my words. Sorry that my posts are often sporadic and strange.

For the fact that other people feel accomplished in the things that they love to do, and there is nothing that can diminish their joy.  Case in point: hipster man who clearly loves to knit, sitting outside of a coffee shop, for hours.  When he finishes his scarf/hat/socks/etc., you better believe that he will feel pretty dang accomplished.

For that moment when you submit a paper, finish a test, or solve a problem and are able to breath that sigh of relief. Someday I won’t have to think about school work and will just have nightmares about failing tests or sleeping through class, but for now, it is a big gift to accomplish tasks in school. 



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