3 gifts hallowed

So, I didn’t know what hallowed meant, so I looked it up:

Sanctified, blessed, consecrated, dedicated.

Thankful for:

A surprisingly blessed conversation with a new friend.  Sometimes I forget how much of a blessing it is to be vulnerable right off the bat.  Walls don’t foster relationships, vulnerability does.

Consecrated means “dedicated to a sacred purpose”. I believe that God has dedicates our lives to a sacred purpose when we give up our hearts to him.  Sometimes I find myself wishing away the time that I have now, wishing that I was married and had kids and a home, wishing that I was fulfilling what I see to be my purpose in the future.  But I have been consecrated since birth, and everyday God fills my path with people to hug, gifts to be thankful for, and people to love as I would love Him.  What a gift it is to have purpose in the little things.

While I was attempting to memorize Proverbs 31 today (but mostly just trying to keep my eyes open for long enough to memorize the next sentence) I began to see the beauty more clearly in the “wife of noble character”. God’s idea of a sanctified woman is one who loves to serve her Lord and her family.


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