A gift gathered, given, good

Thankful for Psalm 136 this morning. Because it encourages me to keep writing, keep opening up my heart to share, keep opening up my eyes to gather the good treasures he gives us all.


Slowly, quietly, stubbornly I am learning to be grateful in all circumstances, like when I haven’t slept enough (by my standards) or when a teacher is frustrating. 

Whisper softly I am learning to pray little thanks-God prayers throughout the day

Humbly I am learning that my outward reflection is changed by the status of my heart. A happy heart truly does make the face cheerful.


GIVE thanks to the Lord, for he is GOOD.

His love endures forever.


Challenge for today: say this verse to yourself, or out loud, when you are mad or sad or lonely. Ask God to help you gather up his good gifts. And thank Him for his enduring love.



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