3 gifts in government

Thankful for the rich and spectacular history that the government provides through the free Smithsonian museums in DC.  I have had countless trips to them and I am so thankful that I can’t fulfill an urge to see some Norman Rockwell paintings, pretend to be Dorothy while looking at her famous ruby red shoes, or stare at some stars in the observatory of the Air and Space museum.

Thankful for my hometown and the way it houses the government and explodes with culture at the same time.  Come to DC! Go on a bike ride to Eastern Market, sip an iced latte from Peregrine, feel like you are suffocating on a metro ride to a Nats game, stroll through the Lincoln memorial at night, get some veggies at Founding Farmers, paddle-board on the Potomac, run on Teddy Roosevelt island or through the mall, and stay at my house because I live five minutes away from all this fun and more!

Courtesy of my brother Zach.

Thankful for National Parks, another gift from the government! I have never known the beauty of creation as deeply as in Yellowstone National Park.


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