3 gifts of rememberance



Boompa, thank you for always reminding me to have fun while I am young.  Thank you for being a part of the 91st bomb group and the 324th squadron.  Thank you for your youthful spirit.  Thank you for the golf cart rides and trips to get ice cream. Thank you for my car, the Disney Cruise, and breakfasts out in Arizona.  But thank you most of all for being a hero to my family, and for your stories and honesty about your experiences.

Gronk, thank you for raising my dad. Thank you for going through the rigors of the Naval Academy and fighting in the war in the Navy.  Thank you for serving in the submarines, as I know that it must have been a crazy feeling to be under the sea, yet still in the action.    I am so sorry that we were never able to meet you.   But thank you for providing for my family and building a loving home that baby George could grow up in. I know we would have loved spending time at your home in Memphis and taking trips to see Graceland and eating peanut butter banana bacon sandwiches and visiting your paving sites.

Soldiers, thank you for fighting. Thank you for your dignity and bravery. Thank you for your sacrifice. I can’t even imagine the tiniest bit of it.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 2.30.13 PM

And dad, thank you for being one of the best examples of how to honor our vets. Thank you for always thanking them, and inspiring me to do so. Thank you for legitimately clapping and cheering whenever you see WWII vets.  I know that they would be thankful too.


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