3 gifts hard eucharisteo

Today, it is hard for me to thankful about a few things; but I believe that the practice of being thankful for them is a step in the right direction.


I am thankful for exercise and endorphins and running and having a body that is healthy and can run and jump and play.  But it is hard that exercise can still be such an idol for me, and that it can come before God in my daily routine.  But I am thankful that I am aware of this.

I am thankful that I was able to spend the weekend with a family, but it was hard that it was not my own family.  It was such a treat to see Abby thrive and exude joy and full life, yet it made me miss my fam that much more!

I am thankful that I am in South Carolina, learning about myself and why I am who I am and what God’s plan is for my life.  Yet sometimes I feel like I just cannot wait one more day to be a mom and make a home and I am not sure why I want so desperately to skip ahead to moments like these, snuggling with little munchkins:



Trying to be exactly 100% present right where I am, to not wish away the next few years,  and to appreciate the freedom and independence and depth of relationships available while I am at school.


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