A gift circling, crowning, crafted


Thankful for group of Harcombe diners circling around a group of  singers last night belting out Christmas carols to the whole dining hall. 

Thankful for the birthday memory of my 3rd birthday party, which was clearly the most joyful day of my  little life! I love this picture because it is so pure and joyful and is the definition of Happy Hannah Grace.  It also reminds me that I LOVE DANCING, and that dancing will probably make me really happy, no matter what is going on in my life.  I love these little reminders that we are capable of exuberant joy and full life and huge, mouth opened, eyes basically closed smiles.


Thankful for the gifts I crafted for my “little” Katherine, because those are my most recent crafts.  But mostly I am thankful for Katherine, because she has been such an unexpected blessing to me this semester, and I am so glad that we are friends who can sweat in spin class, eat nasty harcombe food, and laugh about boys and laugh about life together. 


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