3 gifts ugly beautiful

Can I just be honest? I am not a huge fan of this prompt because it makes me feel kinda uncomfortable.  Seriously, it is hard for me to find beauty in the ugly things. It is awkward and weird to look at something that is ugly, and say: hey that’s beautiful and worth writing about.  But hey, there are still things in my life that are ugly beautiful, and it is worthwhile to be thankful for them.

I am thankful for my ugly tears and the beautiful prayers that my friends pray for me while I am crying in their car late at night.

I am thankful for the gross pile of laundry and dirty floor that are making my room look like a caveman lives there.  I am thankful that cleaning that junk up, doing my laundry, and throwing stuff away feels so great and is so instantly gratifying.  That doesn’t mean that I am not going to put off doing my laundry until the last possible minute, though.  Hate to admit it, but I have been wearing the same pair of socks for 5 days straight.

1478948_2017821856181_606794438_nI am thankful that I received a hard email that made me feel ugly and unwanted: that I didn’t get the internship that I desperately wanted.  I am thankful for that because my brother got the job of his dreams: fly fishing guide at a dude ranch in Colorado.  And it is a beautiful, beautiful, completely wonderful thing for his life and I am so happy happy happy and thankful for him and the joy that he is feeling because of this. And I am thankful for the inspiration and inclination to join him working at the ranch this summer. I’ve always really wanted to learn how to fly fish!



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