3 gifts angelic song

Thankful for the angelic songs, like O Holy Night and What Child is This, that my mom and I heard and sang along to the other night when we slipped into the back of the big room at my K-8 grade school.  It was Lessons and Carols night, and we were there to watch our friend, a 5 year old wise man in the Nativity scene.  What I didn’t expect was how precious and encouraging the whole night was.

Thankful for the constant sounds of Christmas music on Pandora filling our kitchen, and for the amount of time I get to spend in the kitchen over the break.  Yesterday was a good day for baking, and I made puppy chow and hershey’s kiss cookies.

Thankful for my dad’s love for Handel’s Messiah, and they way he listens to it all year long, reminding us all that putting Jesus at the forefront of our hearts and minds is important every day of the year.  I am especially thankful for when I can hear the Messiah blaring from his F-150 at 6 am on a July morning.



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