A gift with rejoicing, wonder, praising

Thankful for the fullness of friendships that I have been blessed with.  I love that when I come home, there kindred sisters (even KD sisters!) that I still do life with and live alongside in Arlington.

So so thankful for them:

For friends to rejoice with in the victories and hardship in Young Life and other ministries we are a part of.  It is incredible to think of the impact that Jesus had through Young Life on so many of friends from high school. Out of the group of us that went to the beach after graduation, 70% of us are Young Life leaders. God is so good and we rejoice in that!

For nights where we can sit together and marvel at the past, but wonder about our futures.  And it is so comforting to me that after two Christmas breaks where I was MIA, I am welcomed back in with big hugs and loved regardless of my past mistakes.

For times we praise our God together, whether it be standing in a church pew together, bringing our families together for Thanksgiving dinner, or taking long walks in the rolling hills of Arlington.



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