3 gifts heard

Happy happy new year!!!!!

Thankful for the sounds of our time at the lake in the woods of Tennessee:

Silence on a run, which is never the case for me. But I have no music and there is no Pandora in the woods. So silence and my own thoughts were my companions as I got lost in the leaves and completely missed the trail.

The beeping of the microwave signaling that the 15 seconds you have been eagerly counting down are up, and you can finally remove from the microwave and savor a warm chocolate chip cookie, correction, THE BEST COOKIE EVER. Made with three types of chocolate and other secret ingredients that no one knows, because the recipe is a mystery.

Squirrel chatter in the trees (or lack thereof) Part of our trip to the lake included my winter term for life: “Katniss training” as my dad dubbed it. He wanted me to become like Katniss, because he loves Katniss.  So, naturally, we went squirrel hunting. But we didn’t see any squirrels, and we barely heard them.  But I did get to start making my own bow and arrow, so next time I find a squirrel in the attack, it is done for.



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