Something you’re reading, making, seeing

Thankful for my dad’s assistance in putting me on the right track to read the whole Bible this year–a daily Bible reading plan that has helped me get started on a somewhat daunting goal. Yesterday I was reading from Genesis 3 about the fall of man, when God was walking the garden in the cool of the day. We all know what happens next, but the part that really tickled me was that our Heavenly Father likes to take late afternoon strolls in the beautiful garden.  A few of my favorite things!

Thankful for the differences a year makes. I am confident that I am making strides, growing, and moving towards the right things.  It is such a wonderful gift to be returning to Clemson tonight, and to be joyful and grateful and not sobbing…!

Thankful for my mom, who saw me off to the airport and helped me check my bags in. It’s the little things in life, like not having to lug two overstuffed bags through the airport by myself! 


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