3 graces from people you love

Thankful for notes from my mom that fall out of my Bible and bring out a complex mixture of emotions all at once: adored, grateful, sentimental, wistful, cherished. So thankful for the incredible three weeks I got to spend at home, and for the grace that my family extended to me when I was cranky or tired or difficult.  And so thankful for the reminder in my mom’s note of how much the Lord has redeemed in my life, and of how much grace people have bestowed on me throughout the whole process of growing into a radiant daughter.

Thankful for my sweet roommate of (going on) 4 semesters! She puts up with a lot and gives me grace when I am making way too much noise early in the morning. 

Double thanks for my family today, perhaps because I am missing them a lot on this first day back in the real world.  As I try to figure out which direction my life, summer, semester, etc. are headed, they have had the most grace and patience towards me while I generate ideas and bounce them around, even if my ideas are a bit crazy or unrealistic.


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