One thing in your bag, your fridge, your heart

Thankful for the stack of five magazines in my bag, which I just picked up from the post office before coming to get myself I little first day of class cup of coffee.  Can’t wait to leaf through the Real Simple in bed with some tea. On cold and unscheduled days like today, it truly is the the little things that keep me feeling at home and happy. 

Thankful for the Trader Joe’s greek yogurts in my fridge that I picked up on the way from Greenville to Clemson yesterday. It was such a treat to stay with Cory and her family the other night, complete with flannel sheets, coffee, the Y and Trader Joes.  We have started and ended the past two and half semesters together, and I am thankful for this new tradition. 

Thankful for the peace in my heart about things that are out of my control.  Sometimes, the world just seems like it’s trying to get me down. But I have found so much contentment and stillness amidst the flurry of activity recently.  Thankful!


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