A gift sour, sweet, just right

Thankful for Schilleter, home of food that makes my stomach sour. Did I just say actually say that? Let me explain: I am so thankful for my weekly Schilleter dates with my friend Katherine, for our giggles and plans about the future, for our mutual love of adventure, exercise, and Reese’s Puffs as the only acceptable dinner option, and for the fact that our time together is not about the food, but about the friendship. 

Thankful for the sweet combination of friends, Spill the Beans chocolate with pretzels and peanut butter cups, and life chats. 

Thankful for the past hour, because two awesome opportunities just popped up for my blank summer, with just the right combination of  adventure and familiarity, service and a little money-making, and friendships, old and new.


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