Dusky light, surprising reflection, lovely shadow

Thankful for friends that want to walk backwards with me as we watch the dusky light of the sun setting over campus. It’s good to be back!

Thankful for those moments when you are washing your face in the bathroom and you look up and see the reflection of a friend brushing their teeth next to you. Even though I feel like I don’t spend much time on my hall, I really love those little moments, like the ones in the bathroom, where I remember that we all live together and are connected but our ideals and friendships.  While our bathroom has been really muggy and warm lately (it’s kind of like a nice sauna!), I am also thankful that it is cleaned daily and we are taken care of so well by the sweet cleaning ladies in our dorm.

Ok, this may seem like a stretch, but I am thankful for my cute little yellow Keurig and the shadow that it casts on my desk 🙂Image


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