3 startling graces of God

Thankful for a room filled with laughter and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, which I treasured as part of a God-given night spent watching Juan Pablo and the girls who swooned over him.

Thankful for 26 minute power naps that turn into 52 minute power naps, and the surprising gift of that free chunk of time on an otherwise full Monday. There is so much grace in rest.

Thankful for the beauty in a friend’s story, and the gift of a surprise reunion.  Last weekend, I went to a Young Life camp where I saw my intern from Summer Staff.  It has been two years since we last saw each other, and I am SO THANKFUL that we were able to reconnect and share with one another the tremendous growth and changes we each have experienced in the past two years. What an amazing gift: to see redemption in little things and watch as God intertwines our lives in unique and beautiful ways. Image


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