3 things about yourself you are grateful for

Eek this is a hard one! It’s not that I don’t love who I am designed to be, but that it is a challenge to be vulnerable in that place and share those things with basically the whole world, or whoever reads this. 

I am grateful that I am honest about my life and that I am not afraid  to share the tough things. Through really hard periods of my life, I have learned that the facade of holding it all together gets me exactly nowhere.  There is freedom in calling a friend and honestly admitting that I am lonely as opposed to assuming that I am unloved and should therefore isolate myself in my room and feel sorry for myself. 

I am grateful that I am sensitive.  Case in point: I literally just started tearing up when I wrote the previous paragraph. There is something beautiful about being in touch with your emotions and with the Lord’s grip on your heart, and I am grateful that I can feel that.

I am grateful that  I am joyful, especially after I felt so not-joyful for a long time. When I started to feel like myself again after a long period of feeling quite lost in the new and foreign world of Clemson, I was so excited that old friends noticed that my joy was back. It felt like I was finally at home in Clemson and with my own self.


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