3 gifts from God’s Word

Pslam 37:4

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

I often read this verse, think “wow, that is a comforting thought”, highlight it, and move on with my day.

How do I truly delight myself in the Lord? Isn’t is selfish to want him to give me the desires of my heart? It feels uncomfortable and unknown.

Today, I am thankful for delight in the Lord. My purpose, and yours, is to delight in my creator and glorify Him. For me, this looks like hugging or dancing or helping someone realize their potential, cooking with friends or laughing, laughing, laughing.

I am thankful for a giving and gracious father.  Isn’t the best feeling when you are let off the hook for something that you felt entirely inadequate to do? If we are the little fishies in the pond, God is the bearded and rugged Orvis-wearing fisherman.  I am wriggling and struggling on the hook of my expectations for myself and the pressure I feel to be perfect. But he reels us in, slips us off the hook, and takes our blame and sin away completely.  An unfathomable gift.  And it is his grace that helps us keep swimming in this overwhelming, chaotic life.

I’m a fish, you’re a fish.

Finally, I am thankful for a God that knows the desires of my heart, and wants me to experience a life full of kids to clean up after, a family to make mac and cheese and funfetti birthday cakes for, letters to write and books to read and long lost friends to hug.  He wants us to bring joy and His love to all the people we will encounter, and these things are part of that adventure through life.


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