3 gifts only seen close up

Thankful for the close up sight of a squirrel, perched on a trashcan, holding and slowly nibbling a (presumably cold) french fry. Humor can truly be found anywhere.

Thankful for the reiteration of the Lord’s delight in Psalm 18 today: He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me. Looking closely, I remembered that God told me about delight the other day– how I should delight in him.  How sweet it is to have this friendship, this two-way street, where God delights in me and I in him.

Thankful for the mess of cherry cough drop wrappers that one might see if they looked closely into the depths of my back pack or my pockets.  Those things are dang good though when your throat is feelin awfully scratchy.


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