3 gifts found in Christ

Thankful for a weekend spent in the mountains: snacking on peanut M&M’s and goldfish (excellent combo of sweet and salty, btw), winning trivia nights, worshiping God in song and wandering around in the snow. But most of all, I loved connecting in conversation through the vulnerability only found in Christ’s grace.

Thankful for a God that calms my exhausted, frantic, worried mind through the simple truth that it is always best to go to him first. No matter how much I want to call my mom multiples times over the course of an hour or hide under my covers or watch Netflix or procrastinate on homework or become bitter because I feel hurt by people… there is no peace or truth in those things.  I am humbled to admit that those bandaids and idols never fill my heart with what it needs: the peace and love of Christ. 

Thankful for Christ’s perfect timing; yesterday is a perfect example.  An unexpected snow day with absolutely zero agenda, except for one thing: have fun. Instead of me having to manufacture a day where I could relax and have fun, it was handed to me.  Can I just say: Frozen is absolutely a dream. And there might not be anything that compares to cooking with friends, drinking tea, watching the Bachelor, and laughing. SO. much. laughter.


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