3 graces found in friends

Sometimes, I forget that we all have different love languages. It is easy to assume that others give and receive love in the same ways that I do.  But as unique works of art, each person I know pours out their love differently, and fills their own reservoir of love differently, as well.

I am thankful for my friends who know my love languages and know me:

Quality time speaks to my heart, and tells me: I love you, I want to be around you, I want to laugh and sit and talk with you. It is a blessing to open a text at 11 AM and read a spontaneous invitation for quality time. I am so blessed!

Physical touch is another way I feel so loved.  Hugs, playing with my hair, back scratches.  Thank you friends, for extending this love and grace to me.

As a writer/reader/lover of words, words of affirmation are a grace from my friends. Thank you for your texts and letters and intentional “I love you and I miss you”‘s. They mean so so much.


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